Safely STORE, UPDATE, SHARE, and legally SIGN your confidential files online, such as:

  • Contracts
  • Power of Attorney
  • Tax returns
  • Insurance policies
  • Trust deeds
  • Share portfolios
  • Superannuation policies
  • Company registers
  • Property, equipment & vehicle leases
  • Wills & Funeral Plans
  • Digital assets —videos, photos, passwords and more

You can even automatically share important files if something happens to you or your business

Just upload the files now and add someone as a Nominee. Then if you die or you’re incapacitated, or your business goes into liquidation, they’ll automatically get everything you want them to, all in one highly secure location.

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Why it’s more secure…

Eliminates identity fraud — Digital signatures are based on 100-point proof of identity.

No change goes unseen — A complete audit trail records every time a document is uploaded, changed, sent, received or signed.

Confidential — No-one can  access your documents without your authority.

Share with confidence — You choose who can see your documents.Your Digital File can never view the contents of your files.

Auto share with our Data Legacy feature if something happens to you — Automatically give nominated people access to your files in the case of death, incapacity or company liquidation.

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