YDF Sync app

– For personal accounts –

  Download for Windows  
for Windows PC (865 KB)

Increase productivity and reduce the risk of errors

You can now take advantage of the YDF Sync app to increase productivity and reduce the risk of data loss.

YDF Sync app is a powerful tool to synchronise multiple folders on your YDF account, helping to keep your files up-to-date across your computers and mobile devices. Your Digital File makes sure that you have the right files, at the right time.

Sync across your computers and phones

  1. Sign up for a Your Digital File account.
  2. Log in and transfer your Private Key to each computer or device you wish to access.
  3. Download and install the YDF Sync app on your Windows PC.
  4. Add your files into the YDF Sync folder on your PC and access them from all your connected computers and mobile devices, no matter where you are.

YDF Sync app simplifies the management of the files you’ve secured on Your Digital File’s cloud storage. It allows you to work on your documents in your usual way and it will automatically sync the latest edit to YDF.