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Swiftly and securely sign documents with one click at work, at home or on the road. Accelerate deals by sending signed documents easily and securely, no physical signature is needed. Set expiry dates on sent files to move agreements along in hours, not days. See if a sent document has been signed, follow up if needed. Simple and flexible, suitable for everyone.

Strong audit trail

Each time a document is uploaded, updated or downloaded, a time and date stamp is associated with that action. Signatures are created on the user’s computer using their own private key. These signatures and the audit trail are completely digital and cannot be falsified. Any alteration to the documents creates a new version and automatically renders the previous digital signature void.


Signing documents with Your Digital File complies with electronic signature laws worldwide. It’s as valid and enforceable as a signed paper contract. Signed documents comply with ESIGN and UETA. As well as Electronic Transactions Acts in:

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