Your Digital File’s Security

Your Digital File provides an exceptionally high level of security

Your Digital File uniquely encrypts each and every file with our patented two-stage encryption algorithm, Cryptoloc.


Your Private Key

Your Private Key is one of the components of Cryptoloc and is used to encrypt and decrypt your files. With Your Private key, your file security is in your hands.

Your Private Key is generated and saved to your computer when you sign up to Your Digital File. Only you can read, edit and share your files, and only you can authorise who can share, view, modify and download them.

Cryptoloc Technology

Your Digital File generates three unique encryption keys for each document and combines these keys to create a Document Encryption Key. The three components of a file’s encryption key are stored in a way that prohibits decryption by a single entity. This ensures your files remain completely confidential and protected, unable to be accessed by Your Digital File or intruders.


Strong User Identity Binding to Client-side Encryption Keys

On registration, the user creates a cryptographic key pair:

  • A Private Key which is generated and stored on your device and is used for decryption and digital signing of files, and
  • A Public Key which is stored within Your Digital File and is used by the user, the system and other users for encryption and to verify digital signatures.

To sign and share documents, users must verify their identity. This provides a high level of assurance for all verified users.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures save significant time and effort. They substantiate the time the document was signed and the identity of the signatory. Digital signatures confirm:

  • Authentication: Confirmation that the intended signatory saw the document and signed it.
  • Non-Repudiation: Confirmation of the time and date that the document was distributed.
  • Integrity: Confirmation that the message was not changed in any way since being sighted or signed, whether by the signatory or by anyone who has intercepted the document while it was in transit.

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