Spend more time with patients, not paperwork.

Optimise your filing system by utilising Your Digital File’s secure cloud technology. Patients want to spend time with their doctor, not waiting. Quickly bring up patient records in a secure online environment

Keep confidential files confidential.

Your Digital Files high security in storing and sharing files allows you to keep your patients sensitive medical information confidential.

Send sensitive documents with confidence.

With SecureShare and sharing documents on Your Digital File, you can easily send sensitive documents and know they will arrive securely.

Real Estate

Close deals faster and provide a hassle free experience

Streamline the sales process with Your Digital Files one click signing of digital documents.

“We could digitally sign our new home contract with the current owner even though he was in Hong Kong at the time. Too easy!”
Mark P

Ensure compliance while being more productive

Securely access files while in and out of the office, anytime with the Your Digital File mobile app.


Time is a company’s most valuable resource. Make the most of your time by creating a paperless work environment that is secure. Eliminate time spent on printing, scanning and faxing when it could be efficiently managed through a web browser or mobile device.

Ensure your companies secrets are kept safe not worrying if a team member is storing potentially confidential information on their device.

Roll back to previous versions with automatic built in version control and easily restore to previous versions if needed.

Protect your data by knowing who has done what with various files. Restrict access to certain files if needed and easily update user permissions to ensure everyone has access to what they need. While not being able to access files that aren’t relevant.

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Insurance & Finance

Stay ahead of the competition by securely accessing files on the go. Team members can securely send and update files you need for your next meeting.

Ensure your clients are comfortable with the handling of possibly sensitive information by sending files encrypted with Cryptoloc Technology which secures files when they leave your device right up until someone views them.

Get contracts and deals across the line faster by sending files that can be signed with a single click or tap. Know straight away if a client has signed a file or simply viewed the file and follow up if necessary.


Lighten your backpack by storing your files, photos and other media in the cloud. With the Your Digital File mobile app you can access your files anywhere, anytime.

Easily provide feedback to group members and know who changed, or updated a document and when they did it. Accidents do happen, if a file is accidentally changed or deleted it can always be restored.