Secure what matters. Share with confidence

YDF business allows you to:

  • Securely store sensitive information.
  • Share only authorised persons
  • Provide a way to securely back up information.
  • Securely share sensitive information with third parties.
  • Allow restricted access to specified files.
  • The ability view user access logs for auditing purposes.
  • A cost effective way to access encryption to protect what matters to your business
  • Add a level of security to ensure client confidentiality and privacy

No matter the role you might play

We all play various roles in our lives. We are never just defined by one role. In each role we have things that matter most to us. Let us show you some of the ways you can protect you and your family and your business.

What matters to you?

Some items mean more than most. Some pose more risk than others. Some may just have sentimental value to you and no one else.

Securely store information that mattters

Securely storing your data and sharing it on a secure platform like YDF will keep you and your family safe. Create files that make it easy for you to access and in some cases share with family, colleagues or third parties.

Share with confidence

With YDF, you can ensure that your documents are encrypted and only being sent to those you wish to send it.

I need to make sure that the organisation takes their responsibility seriously. I need to reduce my personal exposure by ensuring compliance.

Keeping back ups of my accounts, my employee and contractors details are important

I need records and documents to be accessible at the touch of a button

I need to help my clients integrate their current process in a way that is more secure to protect them from data breaches or privacy breaches


What effects could a cyber attack have on your business?

safety and security

Financial loss

from theft of money, information, disruption to business
trust and integrity

Business loss

damage to reputation, damage to other companies you rely on to do business


getting your affected systems up and running
safety and security

Investment loss

time notifying the relevant authorities and institutions of the incident.

Cybercrime is a growing threat for small and medium businesses (SME’s) globally. and is becoming an attractive way for criminals to steal information, money or disrupt business.

As the internet becomes easier to access, and we share and collect more information and data online, you need to ensure security measures are in place. For many businesses, this includes the data your business creates and stores, plus the information your customers share. Providing a secure setting is critical in building and maintaining confidence and trust in your business.

What type of information is valuable?

Your business is exposed to risk

Cyber criminals look for information and data on your business, employees and customers. They develop a number of ways to exploit weaknesses in your business such as:

  • theft or unauthorized access of hardware, computers and mobile devices
  • infect computers with viruses and malware
  • attack your technology or website
  • attack third party systems
  • spam you with emails containing viruses
  • gain access to information through your employees
  • attack third party systems
  • spam you with emails containing viruses
  • gain access to information through your employees

Who could be a threat to your business?

Cyber criminals may be an individual or a group of people that cause a malicious cyber attack on your business. Cyber criminals that can threaten your technology or data could include:



out for financial gain or information, to illegally access your hardware and data or disrupt your business
clients you do business with

Clients you do business with

to compromise your information with malicious intent
Business competitors

Business competitors

looking to gain an advantage over your business

current employees

Current or former employees

who accidentally or intentionally compromise your information or data.
Third party vendors

Third party vendors or suppliers

who are looking to capture data that you collect or have not got secure cyber security practices and put you at risk

What you need to do?

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