File Tracking & Control

Set permissions for others to either view existing files, update files or create and upload files.


Track your files

See which authorised user has uploaded, downloaded, signed or changed a document.

Strong audit trail

Each time a document is uploaded, updated or downloaded, a time and date stamp is associated with that action. A document can be digitally signed by the user using their private key.  A digital signature attached to a document can be tested for authenticity and is legally-binding. These signatures and the audit trail are completely digital and cannot be falsified.



Eliminate identity theft & fraud

In order to share and sign files, each user must verify their identity with 100 points of ID. This ensures that the person you are receiving files from is verified.

When sharing files, the recipient will need to enter a two-factor authentication into their mobile phone to help ensure the right person is accessing your shared documents.

Set expiry dates

Set expiry dates on sent files to ensure they are secure and remain valid in the future.

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