Your Private Key

Your Digital File puts online security back in your hands by giving you Your Private Key when you first sign up. It’s one of three parts used to encrypt and decrypt your files and documents.

Your Private Key is a file used in conjunction with your password when you want to upload, download or share files with someone else.


File Storage

All your files are secured with the highest level of encryption. Your Digital File can’t see what’s contained within your files. Your Private Key is generated when you create an account, creating a high-security environment on your desktop and devices.



Sharing Files

Search for existing users or invite them to join and begin sharing files for free. Revoke access to those files anytime.

Send files to anyone via SecureShare

Securely send files to any email address for only $1. They will be able to access the file via their browser for a nominated time period. The file can be revoked or ‘unsent’ if needed.


File Tracking and Control

Set permissions for others to either view existing files, update files or create and upload files.

See which authorised user has uploaded, downloaded, signed or changed a document.



Signing Documents

Swiftly and securely sign documents with one click at work, at home or on the road. Accelerate deals by sending signed documents easily and securely, no physical signature is needed. Set expiry dates on sent files to move agreements along in hours, not days. See if a sent document has been signed, follow up if needed. Simple and flexible, suitable for everyone.


Data Legacy

Data Legacy gives you peace of mind and confidence in the event that something happens to you and you need to be able to provide files to a single or group of people.

Upload your important files to the Cryptovault, add whoever you would to act as a nominee. Then, if something happens to you (a trigger event), they’ll gain access to everything you thought they’d need. All in one secure location.




Securely send documents to an email address

SecureShare ensures any document you send to an email address is secure and encrypted.

Two-factor authentication brings higher security for important documents.


Mobile app

The Your Digital File mobile app allows you to securely store, share, track, and sign your files.



Document Manager

The Your Digital File Document Manager allows you to improve work productivity within teams by “checking out” a document when it is being edited by a user.  It allows full Document Management with “check out” and “check in” functionality, history of edits and users for a complete audit trail and recovery of previous versions.


YDF Sync App

Your Digital File personal users can now take advantage of the YDF Sync App to increase productivity and reduce the risk of errors.

Your Digital File makes sure that you have the right files, at the right time – whether you use your desktop, laptop or your phone. Sync, one of the core Your Digital File features for personal users, keeps your files up-to-date across your computers and phone. If you edit a document on your computer, it syncs with Your Digital File and you can access the new version from your phone.

Importantly, not only does the YDF Sync App synchronise one document, it actually checks and copies whole folders at once.



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