Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Your Digital File so secure?

Advanced patented encryption – Your Digital File gives each of your confidential documents an extra layer of security, called Cryptoloc. Cryptoloc is our patented two-stage encryption technology that uses a unique, complex combination of state-of-the-art Cryptography algorithms. It delivers unmatched security and integrity for every document.

Privacy and Control –  Your Digital File uses client-side cryptography to deliver document privacy and control. The digital keys required for document encryption and decryption are managed client-side and all document encryption and decryption occurs on your device. This means your documents are always encrypted before uploading to Your Digital File and cannot be viewed by unauthorised parties – not even by Your Digital File. You control your information – who can access it and how it is accessed.

Eliminate identify fraud – Digital signatures are based on 100-point proof of identity. No one can sign, or even access your documents, without their identity being verified.

Share with confidence – Choose who can access your documents and grant permission levels. You control who can update, sign or view documents. Your Digital File cannot view your documents.

Where can I download the mobile app?

Download on the App Store

Get it on Google Play

Where is my data stored?

Your Digital File has data servers in several regions. Your data is stored in data servers in the region to which you signed-up and is governed by the data privacy and breach protection or notification laws of that region. For example, in Australia, your data is governed by the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (CTH), the Australian Privacy Principles and the guidelines for data breach notification and response defined therein.

What is Data Legacy?

Data Legacy allows you to store all your personal and/or business files and digital assets in one highly secure location and automatically allow access by loved ones or friends (Nominees) to certain files in the event of death, incapacity or company liquidation.

For more information see Data Legacy

What is Cryptoloc technology?

Cryptoloc is our patented encryption technology that provides an extra layer of advanced protection for digital documents.

When a document is uploaded, transferred, retrieved, stored or shared. Your Digital File provides multiple layers of the internationally renowned encryption/decryption technology AES-256 and RSA -2048 at each stage. It simultaneously applies our unique Cryptoloc technology to deliver unmatched document protection.

Each individually encrypted document can be accessed only by you or the parties you authorise.

Even your Digital File cannot view your documents.

How much does Your Digital File cost?

Our Personal Plans start from FREE per month per user. Team and Business Plans start from $5 per month per user.

Find out more about our Pricing.

Why do I need to verify my identity?

Before you can share or sign a document you need to verify your identity via email and mobile. This is to verify the identity credentials you are using, and are thereafter employed to maintain your confidentiality and the integrity of your data whenever you share or sign a document.

For Personal accounts and Business account creators in Australia, Your Digital File can also verify your identity by a 100-point identity check as an advanced option. This will be reflected in your profile and digital signature certificates once you are verified, and provides an additional level of trust for recipients of any documents you share.

You can go through the 100-point identity check in the ‘My Account’ section of the Website. A processing fee of $10 is required to perform the 100-point identity check.

What do I do if “I’ve lost my Private Key”

If you do lose Your Private Key – it’s OK, we can generate a new one. On the login page, click on Can’t login? Account Recovery, and follow the prompts to begin the Private Key Recovery process.

Due to the time and effort involved, there will be a recovery fee.

What happens if I can’t access my account?

Personal and Team Accounts

Begin the Account Recovery process to create a new Private Key and reset your password. We do not have access to your password or files, nor can we reset your password.

Your Digital File will never contact you to request your password.

A fee will be charged if your account needs to be recovered.

Business Accounts

When you sign up to Your Digital File as a business user, you will be required (as the business account administrator) to create both a Business Account and a Recovery account.

If a staff member loses their account login credentials (password and/or private key), they must use the Account Recovery process. We do not have access to your password or files, nor can we reset your password. The account recovery process will create a new private key and let the staff member enter a new password.

The business account administrator must then access the Recovery Account to finalise the process.

Can my files be recovered?

Yes, previous versions or deleted files can always be securely recovered.

What is SecureShare?

SecureShare allows you to safely and easily share and legally sign digital documents with anyone, anywhere, anytime – even if they are not a registered Your Digital File User.

SecureShare accelerates and protects the process of sharing and signing all digital documents to deliver document integrity, confidentiality & non-repudiation.

For more information see SecureShare.

How are my files protected?

As a trusted Electronic signature provider, SecureShare protects all files and electronic signatures with its patented Cryptoloc technology. Learn more about our security.

What can I share and electronically sign?

You can legally sign any type of file, for example:

  • Sales contracts
  • Supplier and Vendor Agreements
  • Client document, procedural changes, and approvals
  • Wills and other legal documents
  • Superannuation policies
  • Insurance policies
  • Trust deeds
  • Share portfolios
  • Designs & drawings
  • Photos

Are my documents signed using Your Digital File legal?

Signing documents with SecureShare complies with e-signature laws worldwide and is valid and legally enforceable as an equivalent to signed paper documents.

Signing documents with Your Digital File complies with e-signature laws worldwide. It’s as valid and enforceable as a signed paper contract. Signed documents comply with ESIGN, UETA. As well as Electronic Transactions Acts in:

  • Australia
  • Canada (UECA)
  • China
  • Europe (EU VAT)
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
  • United States (UETA)
  • and many other countries