Customer Stories

G’Day Mortgages and Loans

Andrew Potter, Principal

What prompted you to start sign up?

The fear of God was in us when we attended the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) conference and were advised that document privacy and security breaches could result in a broker being sent to jail.Dropbox was the main solution everyone was using and we learnt that it wasn’t secure enough. We could not get legally binding documents signed off with Dropbox and wanted a user-friendly system that provided us with that extra layer of security. I was looking for a compliance-based system and something to make my life easier so I started using Your Digital File.

Why did you choose Your Digital File over other solutions? 

I looked at Dropbox but quickly realised that the security level with Dropbox was non-existent and we needed a solution with the highest level of security possible. We didn’t even bother looking elsewhere after hearing about Your Digital File.

What previous struggles did you encounter with online document storage before using Your Digital File? 

Filing cabinets were the main place we would store documents. Your Digital File now provides us with a paperless system that saves us the time, effort and money.

What is the advantage of using Your Digital File storage system? 

Security is paramount to us. We want everything stored in one place with the highest level of security. Dropbox just wasn’t secure. The quicker we get documents out and back, the faster we get paid. It is that simple.

What previous struggles did you encounter with authorisation of documents before using Your Digital File?

We knew the entire industry was, and is still facing huge penalties for breaches of security & privacy of documents. The breaches are becoming more and more common in the market. The financial penalties are so large that if we received one, it would close our business permanently.

Outline the main benefits Your Digital File provides you with? 

Your Digital File speeds up the rate of doing business whilst doing it in a completely secure way and where all signed documents are legally compliant.

Would you recommend Your Digital File to someone? And if so, why?

Yes, all the time! I know this is the way forward. Information is the new commodity. We have lost privacy with things like Facebook. We don’t want to be losing control of our personal documentation also.


Australian Drafting & Design Pty Ltd

Nikos Athanasiadis, Director

“We have built a professional services business based on integrity, trust and expertise.

Your Digital File is our perfect partner as it delivers a highly secure online solution for storing, sharing and updating our customers’ documents. Together with a complete audit trail for each document, we can provide document integrity at all times.

Your Digital File also allows us to legally and digitally sign contracts anywhere, anytime — a great service for our clients, many of whom travel often. Your Digital File has secured & streamlined our document management process and we recommend it highly.”


“I didn’t think it would be this easy! Your Digital File is so simple to use that within minutes I had uploaded my will, superannuation and bank account details into my secure account.”

-Jodie G

“The auto-share feature is brilliant!  Knowing that my will and personal documents can be released to certain people if something happens to me, gives me real peace of mind.”

-Sue L

“We recently bought a house and exchanged our contracts via Your Digital File.

Because Your Digital File requires proof of identity before sharing or signing documents, we could digitally sign our new home contract with the current owner even though he was in Hong Kong at the time. Too easy!”

-Mark P