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The Week In Review & news updates with Jamie Wilson

Week In Review – April 23, 2017

Stay safe online! This week Jamie discusses:

  1. Australian Cyber Security Centre 2016 Survey results – see
  2. Law enforcement getting serious – hacker jailed for 27 years!
  3. MasterCard deploys new security measure.

Week In Review – April 16, 2017

Stay safe online! This week Jamie discusses:

  1. Beware Android Trojan lurking in Google Play Store – apps such as Funny Videos 2017 are more dangerous than you think!
  2. Important Microsoft Update – make sure you are up-to-date, Jamie tells you how.
  3. NSA Leak – another reason to stay up-to-date with Microsoft updates.

Week In Review – April 9, 2017

Stay safe online! This week Jamie discusses:

  1. Apple issues urgent patch update – make sure you update your iOS device to 10.3.1.
  2. Hackers target the air! Travellers – be on the alert for this hacker scam.
  3. Wake Up Call for Dallas – Hackers take over emergency sirens in Dallas USA.

Week In Review – April 3, 2017

Stay safe online! This week Jamie covers:

  1. Have you updated your iOS devices to 10.3? Jamie discusses what to do if hackers are holding you to ransom.
  2. Medical Equipment Hacked! – remember, all devices connected to the internet are vulnerable to hacking.
  3. UK Government demands encryption backdoor.

Week In Review – Mar 26, 2017

This week Jamie discusses: Cyclone Debbie. We’re offering support to the residents of North Queensland by providing a free account to securely store your important documents. Apple hacked & held to ransom! – what you need to do to keep your iCloud account safe. Is your rubbish bin a security threat? – find out about the new RFID trackers.

Week In Review – Mar 20, 2017

This week Jamie discusses: Another win for hackers! – parents lose $$$$. Nude selfies – clicking on celebrity nude selfies is not as harmless as you think! Security Education – are you interested? Your Digital File will be holding a Security Education conference and we’d love to know your thoughts. Let us know if you are interested?

Week In Review – Mar 12, 2017

This week Jamie discusses: How to create strong passwords. Why you need to be careful where you buy your phone – some Android devices come preloaded with malware. Finally, WikiLeaks & the CIA Hack – another reminder to stay safe online.

Week In Review – Mar 5, 2017

This week Jamie talk about your fluffy unicorn, the 2016 Breach Level Index Report, and how your private data is being sold without your consent.

Week In Review – Feb 27, 2017

This week Jamie discusses modem updates, new cyber threat and, New York CEO’s accountable.

News Update – Feb 20, 2017

Two years since cyclone Marcia in Rockhampton, Jamie catches up with the locals and is proud that a product such as Your Digital File now exists. Your Digital File provides peace of mind in emergency situations so that the focus can be on what matters most in such situations.

Also if you’re after a steak and beer, you can’t go wrong at The Caves pub.

Week In Review – Feb 19, 2017

This week Jamie discusses:

  1. Online Dating – thinking of meeting someone online? Watch this first.
  2. New Data Breach Law – what that means for organisations and individuals.
  3. Smart Toys and Toasters – did you know that smart gadgets are collecting information about you and your family?

News Update – Feb 16, 2017

On Monday the 13th February 2017 the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill passed the Senate in Australia. Jamie explains what this means and the opportunities it creates.

News Update – Feb 14, 2017

With news today of Mike Flynn’s resignation as the National Security Advisor, what effect does this have on US cyber security and the National Security Agency?

Week In Review: Episode 1 – Feb 12, 2017

This week Jamie discusses:

  1. Why your digital footprint matters – keep your family and your identity safe.
  2. Urgent Apple update – are you at risk?
  3. Beware the rise of ransomware! – Jamie discusses what it is and what to look out for.


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