Tim Kelly, Lead Software Engineer

Tim has a Bachelor of Science, majoring in computer science from the University of Southern Queensland. Tim moved onto working for an online start-up company and developed a ‘private walled garden’ for amateur sporting teams and clubs. Creating user specific software became a specialty for Tim as he moved into a private engineering firmĀ  that created software, hardware and firmware for machines and large vehicles in the mining industry. Here he implemented and customised an enterprise resource planning system to manage the growth of the business, as well as taking on business analyst duties. Tim’s expertise within the business and software sector lead him to become the bridge between the development team and management.

Further management and development roles in a corporate environment cemented Tim’s experience in dealing with large teams, with a turnover of over $100 million, and critical production and development cycles. Tim gained formal experience in best practice with contemporary software development while working in a large Brisbane based corporations.

Tim is the Senior Software Engineer at Your Digital File. Tim leads the software design and engineering team utilising his expertise to ensure optimum product for Your Digital File users and clients.

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