Who we are.

  • We are the people who take your data security seriously.
  • We are the company driving a digital economy of trust.
  • We have found a way for you to store what matters. And share it with confidence.
  • We are Your Digital File secured by Cryptoloc Technology.
  • Our journey starts with Jamie’s story

Your Digital File  (YDF) enables individuals and small businesses to securely store and share the information that matters.  Secured with patented encryption solution provided by Cryptoloc Technology, YDF is any easy to use platform available on desktop and mobile phone for home and office use.

YDF is the secure alternative to store and share information that matters to you.

A Brisbane based firm with global reach, Cryptoloc Technology is transforming data security based on trust and integrity. Enabling a global, digital economy where people can interact, connect and engage with confidence.

Your Digital File and Secure2Client are key products in the Cryptoloc Technology product suite. Your Digital File is the secure storing and sharing platform for individual and small business users. Secure2Client is the API available on the AWS Marketplace to integrate into current business processes to securely share documents.

Jamie’s story

Our story is really from our Founder, Jamie Wilson and his journey. Jamie was a pioneer in developing a encryption solution which provided a safe way for people to securely store and share documents such as medical records, wills and estates, travel documents.

Jamie’s story started when his father was diagnosed with cancer and continued to gain momentum with the loss of personal records during a major flood event in Australia.

Jamie, sought people smarter, wiser and more technically savvy than him to gain knowledge, understanding and to start developing solutions that sought to create a solution that was differentiated by two things – TRUST and INTEGRITY.  Whilst organisations were seeking to make the most of the beginning of major digital transformation, Jamie was already highlighting the risks.  The start of this journey started in 2011.

Secure what matters. Share with confidence

Our mission. Our key principles

safety and security

Safety & Security

To help all digital users to manage cyber risks.  To put personal safety and security as our number one priority.  To advice, collaborate and develop solutions that will ultimately protect our customers, our clients and our community. This will build community resilience and allow communities to thrive in the digital world.
trust and integrity

Trust and Integrity

We design products which allow our customers to build upon the trust and integrity of our innovations. To accelerate the adoption of safe and secure digital interactions.


We are here to help. To co create with our customers, our clients, our community  and our technology partners. To share our knowledge and skillset to integrate our solutions and our expertise with that of our friends and colleagues.

Social Value

We work for the greater good. We develop solutions which allow communities to thrive. Allowing us to contribute to greater personal safety and resilience.  To continue connecting people in a positive way providing the pathway to greater confidence within the digital environment.


To seek those smarter than us so we can continue to be bold, fearless and pioneers of  information and cyber security. To participate, share and collaborate to identify opportunities and eliminate risks for our stakeholders. To embrace human centred design to deliver a great customer experience and social experience.

Excellence and quality

Do more. To deliver more than what is expected. To deliver excellence and continual improvement in every interaction. To use the knowledge of many to do things smarter, faster and more efficiently whilst not compromising security.